Our Mission

The opportunity to grow old is a privilege not afforded to everyone. Still, the true metric of successful living is not merely the length of our years but the quality of our lives. Can we shift our goals from maximizing lifespan to seeking the longest possible healthspan? How do we live healthfully and joyfully deep into old age?

After years of medical practice, we’ve seen many people who have achieved this lofty goal. Most have accomplished it through a healthy diet, vigorous exercise, optimal sleep, and a strong desire to remain fully engaged in their own health. We remain inspired by our patients.

Contemporary health care must be collaborative. No one will ever care more about you than you. Your own research and thoughts must always be respected and incorporated in your care. In order to make optimal health decisions, however, everyone needs reliable information and a trusted physician for guidance—a physician who is knowledgeable, accessible and willing to help coordinate your health care.

The most common causes of death and disability—heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and dementia— begin at a stage when early detection can lead to prevention or cure. Through the use of thoughtful discussion, advanced blood tests, and medical imaging, the risk for most life-threatening diseases can be detected in time to take action. We are convinced that the marriage of technology and medicine will be one of history’s most powerful unions.

We are fully committed to using the most contemporary screening and diagnostic tools available along with the time-honored traditions of the patient/physician relationship to live better, longer. We know it is possible and we are privileged to assist you along the path.

Stay healthy,

Rick, Aria, Sara

Richard Abrams MD, Aria Mohtadi MD, Sara Diaz DO